Valley® Pump Connect®

Pump Connect® from the minds at Valley® Water Management allow automation of your pumps’ operations. This solution was designed to reduce trips to your pump sites or pricey trenching to install wires.

With Pump Connect, you can control your pumping stations wirelessly from a center pivot or linear irrigation machine control panel.

Pump Connect is easy to maintain and is serviceable in-field. With an optional light, you can see a quick, at-a-glance status of the pump’s status.

You can connect multiple devices with Pump Connect. For example, multiple center pivot irrigation machines can be connected to one pump, or one center pivot irrigation machine can be connected to multiple pumps. In addition, up to 48 radios can be incorporated in to one installation.

With Pump Connect, you can be sure your pumping stations are working correctly at all hours of the day.

To learn more about Pump Connect, contact ESTEC.