Center Pivots

Valley offers a center pivot for most any application and field size:

  • 8120 series center pivot is recognized as the industry standard for meeting producer demands on all field types and sizes
  • Bender and DropSpan™ options maximize irrigated area for a low investment cost
  • Corner machines efficiently and economically irrigate square, rectangular, and odd-shaped fields
  • DualSpan™ simultaneously irrigates two areas of a field at once, patented by Valley Irrigation
  • Single Span Engine Drive is ideal for growers with small fields (up to 5.4 acres) and limited access to electricity

Valley Corners

Get the Most Out of Your Field

Since the 1974 introduction, Valley corner machines have been efficiently and economically irrigating square, rectangular, and odd-shaped fields. The steerable corner arm lets you match the unit to your field’s configuration, which means you can put more of your land into production!

Irrigating this extra land allows you to potentially increase your profitability. Discover why Valley corner machines are investments that pay for themselves in just a few growing seasons.

Valley Linears

Valley linears can:

  • Maximize irrigated area
  • Reduce labor expenses by 50%, compared with surface, side roll, or hand move irrigation
  • Deliver low rates of water, as compared to the outer portions of a center pivot, helping to eliminate runoff when irrigating on certain soils
Valley Linears

Valley Linears